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380W Beam Spot Washing Moving Light

Application:KTV,Disco,Wedding Event, Dance hall,home party,ect. YR-380BSW

More details

Power supply:AC110-240V   50/60Hz

Power consumption:600W

Lamp power:Philips  18R 380W

Lamp life > 1500hrs

Color temperature: 3200K/ 5600K/ 7500K

Color wheel:One color wheel, 14 colors +open half color effect

Gobo wheel:One fixed gobo wheel, 15 gobos + white;

Gobo wheel: 13: rotated gobos and effect gobos

Prism wheel:1 rotated 24 prism & 1 prism 32-facet, frost

Dimmer:0-100% electric dimmer Bigger adjustable range of beam angle

Strobe:Mechanical strobe and can adjust speed, support Macro function of strobe


Lens optical system:Electrical focus, linear zooming

Beam angle:2.0°-53° linear adjustment Use photo-electricity reset system, self-correction

Pan:540°, 8Bit/16Bit; Tilt:270°, 8Bit/16Bit

Over temperature protection

Control mode:DMX512/Master-slave/auto-run  

Packing size:440x460x620mm;

N.W.: 22kg