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90W LED Moving Head Spot Light

Item NO.:YR -L 90S                     Application:KTV,, Disco Wedding Event,Dance  hall, home party ,ect.  

More details

Power : 120W

Light source: 90W high power LED

LED color plate: basic color 7 color + white, adjustable speed rainbow effect

Fixed pattern disk: 8 patterns + white, pattern from the slow flow to the fast

Rotate pattern disk: 6 patterns + white, two-way variable speed rotation

Prism: prism rotation

Dimming / strobe: dimming, 1-20 times / sec

Focus: electronic focus

Rotation angle: horizontal direction 540 °, vertical direction 270 °.

Control mode: DMX512, 6/16 channels

Operating mode: Standalone mode, controller mode, master / slave sync mode

Weight: 7.5 kg

Gross Weight: 8.8KG

Lamp size: 240 * 240 * 370mm

Packing size: 350 * 340 * 375mm