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Up Output Cold Spark Machine

Application:KTV,Disco,Wedding  Event, Dance hall,home party,ect. YR -FY4O     

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spark machine

Power: 750W (heating + spray)

Accessories: 3m power cable, 3m signal cable,remote controller

Spray height: adjustable 1-5 meters (10 steps)

Function: DMX512 and wireless remote control

Net weight: 8.4kg

Size: 230 * 195 * 300mm


1: 10 positions of DMX console adjustable, 3 positions of remote control adjustable

2: The powder feeding motor, blower motor and transmission motor have high power

3: 26mm spray nozzle, thick spray nozzle (see comparison video)

4: The cooling fan has high power and fast internal cooling5: Due to the high power of the powder feeding motor and the thick spray, the continuous time of the minimum spray is 10 minutes, and the continuous time of the maximum is 8 minutes (continuous spray is not recommended, it will damage the machine)